Robot (largest)

How classes work

Every session, students build a fully functioning robot and customize the robot’s behavior using C programming language.  As they assemble and play with the robots, they learn fundamental principles of science and technology in a fun and challenging environment.

The Rokit Smart robot kit

This isn’t your average robot kit. Our specialized robot kit comes with real tools with accompanying nuts and bolts, various motors, and a fully programmable smart circuit board with built in sensors. Each kit can build up to 11 robots, and whatever else you can imagine.


Our pricing

School - $145/8 weeks
(1-hour sessions)

We come to your school to teach the curriculum.


Education center - $160/month
(2-hour sessions)

You come to our Education Center for smaller and more focused classes.

Robot kit - $145

All the parts you’ll need to build your robots.

Meet our team

Our team of instructors all come from a diverse technology background, ranging from computer science to mechanical and electrical engineering.  We conduct a thorough background check to make sure our students are in good hands.  Students get a solid foundation in science and technology in a fun environment.

Put your skills to the test

We host and enter several robotics competitions throughout the year.  Take on challenges such as finishing a maze to racing a vehicle.  Many of our students have won San Diego countywide robotics competitions.